Suddenly at Home

Following on from the inaugural outing of the Evening Social Group on the 10th July out next outing will be again to the Apollo Theatre in Newport to see a play by Francis Durbridge. This will be on Wednesday 10th September. If you would like to join in please complete the booking form further down this page. The group booking will be made on the 28th August. The cost of stall tickets are £8.50, depending on the number of tickets booked there may be a price reduction. Your reservation and the ticket price will be confirmed to you on the 28th August.

We meet outside the theatre at 6.55pm and have a drink in the theatre bar beforehand.

Francis Durbridge’s Suddenly at Home is an intricate classic thriller with unexpected twists and surprises, in which an avaricious scheming husband kills his wealthy wife in pursuit of his idyllic dream.The intrigue and suspense come from his clever attempts to evade justice as he manipulates situations and other characters to achieve his objective.

Dramatic telephone calls and unexpected visitors punctuate the action and heighten tension.

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