70th Birthday Party

On 22 October 45 members and guests, including the current President and 9 Past Presidents joined together to celebrate 70 years of Shorwell WI. The party was held in Shorwell Parish Hall where we have met for all of the 70 years. We enjoyed lots of lovely food and drink kindly served by Brighstone WI and we were entertained by the Brass Monkeys; some of us even danced the evening to a close. As with most events, the party was a success down to so many people contributing and many hands making light work. Thanks to all involved whether it was collecting the glasses, making the bunting, creating the lovely food or looking after our guests, to name but a few activities; it all goes to show what a great spirit of friendship Shorwell WI has.

Our celebration cake was cut by our longest serving member Pat Ridett, who joined Shorwell WI in 1967 and our most recent member Di Royall, who joined this year.

November Meeting

Shorwell WI celebrating 70 years 1948 – 2018

Our October meeting was very well attended and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fish and chip supper.

October was a month of celebration with the meeting being followed a fortnight later by our birthday party when 45 members and guests celebrated 70 years of Shorwell WI; quite an achievement and many thanks to all those involved in making it a success.

November is a quieter month and we have no speaker. This is because November is the month when all WI’s on the Island hold their Annual Meeting. At this point all of our current committee stand down and a new committee is formed (hopefully with many of the previous committee members). It generally means we are quite ‘business focussed’; a good opportunity to hear about the workings of the WI as our Officers will cover what has been done during the year.

If you’d like to know more, why not come along and visit us. The meeting will be Monday 12th November 7.30pm in Shorwell Parish Hall.

Alternatively phone Debbie on 741384.