Subscriptions raised to £2.25.
A.G.M. London delegate - Mrs. C. Cham
Charity evening raised £101.41 for The Red Cross.
Outing to Bournmouth.
Agricultural Show Exhibit - Song Title - June Wedding.
Year's Competition winner - Mrs. C. Cham.


Visit to Appollo Theatre. Subscriptions now £3.00.
Birthday Party - American Supper - Village Hall.
Jumble Sale raised £119.0d.
Bingo evening - profit of £65.60.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. N. Truckle.


January meeting cancelled because of snow.
Outing to Medina Theatre - Zena Skinner, cookery demonstrator.
Charity evening raised £86.72.
A.G.M. London delegate - Mrs. J. Matthews.
Birthday Party at The Grantham, Cowes - tickets £2.25.
Fund-raising: Jumble Sale - £110.52. Coffee Morning - £29.92 Bingo - £125.40
Year's competition winner - Mrs. L. Pashley.


Mrs. Birch, Mrs. Crabb, Mrs. Flewitt and Mrs. S. Humphreys enrolled.
Miss A. Holbrook (sick visitor) and Mrs. D. Porcelli (pianist) presented with gifts for long-service awards.
Auction raised £521 for Hall funds and Mammography Unit.
Outing - Mystery Tour.
35th Birthday Party - At Home.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. L. Pashley.


Outing to Olympia Exhibition.
Mrs. S. Hall, Mrs. G. Watts and Mrs. S. Baird enrolled. Bingo evening raised £83.28.
Outing to Carisbrooke Pottery and Barton Manor.
A.G.M. London delegate - Mrs. I. Wood.
Death of Mrs. J. Crabb, killed in car accident.
Cup winners at Agricultural Show - exhibit - Hansel & Gretal.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. S. Baird.


Agricultural Show Exhibit - Travellers in Time - Giles Family.
Mrs. E. Marke enrolled.
Outing - Mystery Tour in June.
Coffee Morning raised £40.62.
Outing to Butterfly World, Newport.
Year's Competition winner - Mrs. S. Baird.


Mrs. K. Blee appointed sick visitor.
Mrs. J. Holdsworth and Mrs. A. Jones enrolled.
A.G.M. London delegate - Mrs. J. Flewitt.
Outing to Arundel (Joan Emmett's nightmare)
Coffee Morning raised £85, Outing to Haseley Manor.
Agricultural Show Exhibit - Christmas Scene.
Sports Evenings in Hall commenced.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. L. Pashley.


Carol singing around the village raised £87. - highest ever - for Childline.
Longstone Group Darts matches.
Lunch at Technical College - cost £3.75
Institute Exhibition for members held in May.
Mrs. M. Weeks enrolled.
Outing to Royal Ballet at Osborne House (hottest day of year)
Agricultural Show Exhibit - ''Winnie the Pooh" - won 1st Prize.
£37.06 raised from Sweet Stall at Brighstone Horticultural Show Centenary Event.
Birthday Party - At Home. Tickets £1.50 (Remember Roast Beef)
Mrs. D. Saunders and Mrs. M. Simmonds enrolled.
Coffee Morning raised £43 for funds.
Christmas Lunch at Essex Cottage, Godshill - Cost £5.25.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. S. Baird.


Subscription now £5.85.
Mrs. B. Hodgson, Mrs. K. Caustin, Mrs. L. Humphrys and Mrs. M. Jones enrolled.
Fashion Show by The Old Smithy, Godshill raised £140 for Colposcope Appeal.
All Island W.I. Glass and China sale for Denman Colledge raised £275.
A.G.M. Delegate - Mrs. S. Baird.
Shorwell "A" Team won Longstone Group Darts Trophy, captained by Mrs. B. Skinner.
40th Birthday Party, attended by many former members held At Home.


Annual subscription £7.50.
Fund Raising: - Mini-Market £414. Bingo £175. Beetle Drive £13.60
Mrs. I. McFarlane, Mrs. R. Smith and Mrs. P. Cuzner enrolled.
Outing to Coppid Hall Farm, free cream, then to Shanklin.
Exhibit at Agricultural Show - Festival of Fish, came 3rd.
Birthday Party held at Valentines, Carisbrooke. Cost £7.50.
Year's competition winners - Mrs. A. Jones and Mrs. L. Humphrys.
Best Bloom - Jenny Cup - Mrs. J. Emmett.


Mrs. H. Jennings and Mrs. K. Kidd enrolled.
Mini-market raised £555.39 for The Body Scanner Charity.
Fashion Show raised £151.50.
Mrs. B. Skinner became Island Darts Champion.
Mrs. S. Baird in Regional Finals of Driver of Year at Gatwick. Outing to Osborne House Gardens.
Mountain Ash tree planted in Churchyard to commemorate 40th year.
Mrs. G. Watts - Steward at A.G.M. Albert Hall. Members meeting organised by Mrs. A. Jones with demonstration and participation by The Caledonian Society.


Mrs. A. Watkins and Mrs. A. Woolley enrolled.
Bingo £200, Pancake morning £53. and Mini-market £250 raised for The Kidney Patients Association.
Mrs. B. Skinner attended Denman on a Cricket course
Shorwell won the Longstone Quiz.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. J. Emmett.
Best Bloom - Jenny Cup - Mrs. N. Truckle.


Subscription increased to £9.00.
Longstone Trophy Winners.
President - Mrs. J. Flewitt.
July Members meeting held at Mrs. K. Blee's garden with a supper of Fish and Chips, together with a quiz.
Michaelmas Market raised £294.30.
Year's competition winners - Mrs. J. Emmett and Mrs. K. Blee Best Bloom - Jenny Cup - Mrs. M. Truckle.


President - Mrs. P. Cuzner (husband finds out at end of year) Subscription £10.50.
Pancake Morning raised £32.37 for funds.
Driver of Year - Island competition 1st - Mrs. P. Cuzner, 2nd - Mrs. J. Flewitt.
Coffee Morning - £65-50 and Table Top Sale - £120.00 for funds.
Birthday Party at The Albion, Freshwater Bay, cost £10.00.
Year's competition winners - Mrs. P. Riddett and Mrs. J. Emmett. Best Bloom - Jenny Cup - Mrs. N. Truckle.


The Speaker for January - Mrs. M. Rose, Antiques for All.
Meeting in February cancelled because of snow.
Mrs. J. Holdsworth came 2nd in Scrabble Final.
Mrs. P. Cuzner came joint 1st at Music and Drama Festival.
Ramble followed by recipes and tasting evening held in Mrs. P. Barton's garden.
I.O.W. W.I. organised holiday to Sweden and Finland attended by Mrs. G. Hallam, Mrs. P. Cuzner and Mrs. J. Jones.
Pizzas, Pies and Preserves Event held for funds.


First street cleaning around the village held, ending at The Crown.
Life Support refresher course taken by Mrs. A. Longford.
Charity of the Year - M.R.I. Scanner.
Concert held in Hall with Mesdames Barton, Cuzner, Flewitt and Matthews taking part.
October - Autumn Fayre held for Birthday Party funds.


Shorwell hosted Longstone Group meeting - Talk on Owls.
Table Top and Coffee Morning at Mrs. P. Cuzners held for funds.
Birthday Party held at The College.
Plea for new members. Total at present - 24
Year's competition winner - Mrs. P. Guzner, Best Bloom - Jenny Cup - Mrs. N. Truckle.


Citizens Advice Bureau, Old Coins and Hypnosis and Flowers were some of the items covered at monthly meetings.
Table Top Sale and Open Evening held to raise funds.
Birthday Party at The Three Bishops cost £8 per member.
16 Full and 3 Dual members enrolled on register.
Photograph and recipe represented on County calendar.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. J. Flewitt, Best Bloom - Jenny Cup - Mrs. J. Emmett.


50th Year President - Mrs. S. Baird. Subscription - £13.75.
Mrs. V. Pointer and Mrs, J. Olivier enrolled.
Table Top sale raised profit of £100 for funds.
Entered Agricultural Show - Carnival Time Theme
President appeared on Ready, Steady Cook television programme.
50th Birthday Party held in Hall. 80 invitations issued. Cost to members £4 to include meal, entertainment and free pen! Approximately 50 members, old and new enjoyed the event.
Mrs. P. Newnham, founder Vice-President cut the cake.