Mrs. Peggy Russell welcomed as new member. Mrs. H. Godfrey also enrolled.
Coffee Party on 25th May in Village Hall. Shorwell's turn to supply copy to I.O.W.Farmers Journal. Whist Drive raised £4.2.6d for funds.
Mr. Evans, the speaker on adult psychology, received 7/6d for cleaning his suit - whatever happened?
Mrs. P. Newnham attended course at Denman College. Book token presented to retiring President, Mrs. P, Wadlow.

1961 - 1965



Scrapbook on show at the Agricultural Show. Low attendance this year.
Coffee morning raised £7.11.6d. for funds. This year's President - Mrs. H. Godfrey.


Founder members took tea with officers at 200th meeting.
Whist Drive raised £11.7.6d. for funds. Visitors fees waived. Mrs. J. Emmett and Mrs. P. Ridett enrolled.
Mrs. P. Barton in charge of Agricultural Show exhibit.
Tea and Biscuits only to be served at meetings.
Film of Queen's visit part of party entertainment. Tickets for party - 3/6d.
Jumble Sale raised £31.15.10d. Year's competition winner - Mrs. B. Downer.


Donation of £5.0.0d. given towards Hall curtains.
Drama sub-committee reformed by Mrs. D. Porcelli.
Whist Drive raised £8.2.9d. Two dozen W.I. cups and saucers purchased.
Apologies from The County Press regarding last month's late report - still apologising thirty years later!
Year's competition winner - Mrs. B Downer.


Thrift Club organised by Mrs. Russell, to encourage members to save. A.G.M. delegate - Mrs. Lennard. Total of 32 members
Mrs. L. Harrison's fabric picture sent to London exhibition.
Dress Show at Technical College attended by 6 members.
Visit to Military Tattoo at Carisbrooke Castle.
Coffee Morning, held at Troopers, raised £13-0.0d. for funds.
Mrs. V. Wright planted Chestnut Tree on Blacksmith's Green to commemorate 21 years of the Institute.
Birthday Party - meal in hall - cost of 4/-.
Any questions chaired by Mrs. I. Wood.
Request to British Rail for tram to be re-instated on Ryde Pier.
Year's competition winner - Miss J. Keeping.


Mrs. E. Russell enrolled.
Outing to Poole Pottery and Compton Acres.
Chair won W.I. Choir class at I.O.W. Music Festival.
Congratulations to Miss Ann Cooke on her engagement.
Garden Party raised £22.6.6d. for Thalidomide Children. Birthday Party tickets 10/- - held at The Grantham, Cowes.
Course on Decimal Currency at Technical College.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. D. Russell.


Quiz - Shorwell - 6l points, Brighstone - 55. Mrs. P. Riddett mentioned as "star" of competition.
I.O.W. County Federation of W.I.'s Golden Jubilee.
Coffee Morning raised £22. for funds. £23. raised from Jumble Sale.
Fashion Show by Dabells. Outing to Chichester Theatre.
Tea money raised from 2d. to 4p.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. D. Porcelli.


Mrs. B. Robertson, Mrs. C. Cham and Mrs. K. Blee enrolled.
Coffee morning raised £10. for funds. Outing to Guildford.
Miss E. Bailey and Mrs. J. Matthews won Drama Cup at I.O.W. Music Festival. Choir won cup for third year running.
"Grouse and Grumble" meeting. Mrs. E. Russell attended course at Lymington for W.I. Officers. Birthday Party tickets - £1.
Year's competition winners - Mrs. B. Downer & Mrs. D. Porcelli.


Members to judge monthly competition.
Mrs. S. Baird, a visitor.
A.G.M. delegate - Mrs. E. Russell
Whist Drive raised £7.81 for funds. Jumble Sale - £39.45 and Coffee Morning £18.75 for Guide Dogs for Blind.
Mrs. M. Kirkland enrolled.
Outing to Chichester.
25th Birthday Party - At Home - Buffet meal.


Mrs. P. Barton made W.I. Tablecloth.
Social evening made £22.75 for Shelter. New Notice Board made.
Mrs. G. Barnes represented Shorwell at Earl Mountbatten's investiture as Lord Lieutenant of Island.
Jumble Sale raised £36.60.
Sugar shortage, therefore savouries for teas.


Mrs. P. Riddett in County Pancake Race, lost pancake!
Still complaining to The County Press about our reports.
Mrs. J. Lovatt enrolled. A.G.M. delegate - Mrs. B. Webb.
Bingo raised £31.15 and Coffee Morning £1.32 for funds.
Sponsored walkers - Mrs. P. Riddett, Mrs. J. Matthews, Miss J. Keeping and Mrs. C. Cham raised £35.35.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. D. Porcelli.


Agricultural Show exhibit depicts Canada.
Whist Drive raised £16.70 for funds.
At Home, held in September, raised £37.09.
Birthday Party at The Grantham, Cowes - tickets - £1.50
Subscriptions now; £1.50
Year's competition winner - Mrs. Hood.


Deposit account opened for Denman Bursary.
Mrs. E. Deacon to Denman - Watercolour course. A.G.M. delegate - Mrs. P. Barton
Coffee Morning at Mrs. V. Wrights raised £22.10. Outing to Bournemouth.
Mrs. P. Riddett won All Island Pancake Race.
Jumble Sale raised £37.62.
Carol Singing round the village raised £36.45 for Cancer Research.
Mrs. P. Blake enrolled.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. J. McCarthy.


Mrs. Cham "model" for skin-care demonstration.
Rowan Tree planted in West court Close.
Outings to Winchester and The County Press and meal The Taverners, Godshill.
Courses at Denman College, Mrs. C. Cham - Jerusalem and Mrs. P. Barton - Pottery
30th Birthday Party - cost £1. Mrs. S. Rowe entertained.
Mrs. B. Robertson won September competition with "Calves Bead with Brains Sauce recipe!
Bazumble raised £70. Proceeds to Hall and Whitecroft Day Centre.
Mrs. N.Truckle enrolled.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. J. McCarty.


Subscriptions now £1.75.
Mrs. P. Riddett (3rd) and Mrs. C. Cham in Pancake Race.
Mrs. L. Pashley and Mrs. H. McCleave enrolled.
Auction for St. Peter's Church Roof Appeal - £326 raised.
A.G.M London delegate - Mrs. 7. Russell.
Birthday Party at The Grantham, Cowes - members £3.
Outing to Broadlands. Tea charges up to l0p.
Mrs. J. McCarty - course at Denman - Glass Engraving
Year's competition winner - Mrs. Doble.