Trading stall formed - Mrs Downer and Miss Davison to arrange.
Mrs. Poulsen resigned, Mrs. Wadlow elected. 3 new members. 2/- given to those supplying tea. Outing to Bournemouth.
Beetle Drive raised £10.3.6d. for funds. Mrs. A. Russell enrolled Mrs. Deacon won competition for wild flowers with 97 varieties. Mrs. S. Barton won competition for "cleanest pair of shoes".
Mrs. P. Tuckwell and Mrs. Barton enrolled.
Mrs. V. Wright was first year's competition winner and presented with silver spoon.
Mrs. Newnham and Mrs. Deacon asked for a 30 m.p.h. speed limit through the village.


Resolution support required (Albert Hall) regarding compensation for damage caused by escaped convicts and Borstal Boys from Gamp Hill and Parkhurst prisons.
Mrs. I. Wood enrolled
Year's competition winner - Mrs. H. Cotton
Outing to Eastbourne


Outing to Ideal Home Exhibition. President asking for Jumble to raise funds - profit of £20.15.0d.
"Will" made in the event of Institute lapsing. Members being asked to co-operate more in monthly competitions.
Year's competition winner - Miss M. Russell
Mrs. G. Kingswell's name appears as tea hostess.


Mrs. V. Wright and 3 members to W.I. Exhibition in London Refreshments cost 6d.
Birthday Party tickets cost 2/-.
10 lbs. soap from Australian W.I., distributed to O.A.P. A.G.M. - Tellers from Brook walked to perform their duties.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. G. Kingswell.
December competition - present costing not more than 2/6d.


Mrs. P. Barton enrolled. Visitors teas to be 1/-.
The Produce Show presented 149 entries. July visit to Longleat cost £1.3.6d.
Outing to Mayes department store in Southampton.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. Blower


Mrs. Sunders co-opted to committee. Diaries - 2/3d.
Outing to Bournemouth. Whist Drive for Westminster Abbey Fund raised £7.2.6d. Jumble Sale in June raised £13.6.8d.
Year's Competition winner - Mrs. G. Kingswell
Drama Group entertained at Christmas meeting.


Recipes required for I.O.W. W.I.Cookery Book. Memorial Fund -Lady Denman - donation of £2. 2. 0d.
Mrs. Deacon won January competition for a pair of French Knickers! London A.G.M. cancelled due to rail-strike.
Whist Drive raised £6.6.6d. for funds. Funds low, cut down on food for Party!
Newsletters to cost 2/6d. per year. Meetings changed to second Monday in month.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. E. Deacon.


Birth congratulation card sent to Mrs. P. Barton. Outing to Chelsea Flower Show, cost £1.1.0d.Br> Baby-sitting rota with Mrs. Porcelli, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Mew, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Deacon and Miss Holbrook volunteering - cost l/-d. per hour - 1d. going to funds.
Mrs. Kingswell awarded prize for making most money in the talent scheme, also year's competition winner.


St. Lawrence party invitation declined because of petrol restrictions. Outing to London.
Stall at Agricultural Show manned by Mrs. Kingswell.
Birthday cake made by Mrs. Kingswell, when tickets cost 2/-, sold by Mrs. Deacon, who also organised Drama sub-committee.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. Blower.


Outing to Wilton House, near Salisbury - cost £1.5.6d.
Delegate to A.G.M. London - Mrs. Deacon. Village scrapbook started for competition.
Garden meeting at Shirleys Yard, Yafford.
Mr. D. De Lacey appointed auditor.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. B. Downer.


Visit to Ideal Homes Exhibition.
Subscription raised to 5/-. Donation given to I.O.W. Bedroom Fund for Denman College. Party tickets - 2/6d. - sold by Mrs. Saunders.
Miss Dacia Barlow, as youngest member, cut Birthday cake, she also made it.
Year's competition winner - Mrs. D. Porcelli.